Postal domiciliation: mailing address

It allows you to use the “ Il Conte “ Business Center address for business cards , website , letterhead, brochures, company/sole license plate at the BC IL CONTE entrance, mail and parcel collection and, upon prior agreements, scans for e-mails, phone calls.

Legal domiciliation

It includes postal domiciliation and allows a company ( spa, srl, srls, consortia, cooperatives)/individual company to transfer its registered office at the Business center “ Il Conte “. The legal domiciliation may include the assignment, on the part of the BC Il Conte, of a personal phone number in order to ensure the benefits of a virtual office.

Professional domiciliation

The professional domiciliation is meant for professionals enrolled in professional bars or association, allowing them to choose the Business center “ IL CONTE “ as their professional domicile with address, postal domiciliation, “una tantum“ rentals of an office/ meeting room/conference room. If the professional does not have a professional domicile yet, he/she may indicate the BC “ Il Conte “ as their domicile, for the purposes of enrolling in the professional board or association. Otherwise the professional, if already in possession of a professional domicile, may have their postal address at the BC “ IL CONTE “ while operating in other cities.

Virtual office

With Business Center il Conte you may have the following services
in your city:

  • Postal Domiciliation
  • Legal Domiciliation
  • Personalized Telephon service with detailed report
  • Special prize for the conference room and offices.